Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Forsberg to Ottawa?
According to Bruce Garrioch, Forsberg has narrowed his choices down to Colorado or Ottawa.

I know it's Bruce Garrioch, but here's a list of things I would do to get Forsberg here:

* Give him my spleen.

* Change the language on my iPod to Swedish. Just for him.

* Name my dogs Peter and Forsberg. (Okay, I don't have any dogs, but when I do ...)

* Let him sit out with a recurring "injury" until March.

* Invent a new material for skates that would cure all of his damn foot problems.

* Paint his portrait in graffiti in Hamilton. Like Kopitar, but cooler.

* Um. Remind him that he could play with Alfie.

What would you do for Forsberg ???

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Blogger Finny said...

you know, if you do get him over there, that whole "injury" till march thing just might work.... hmm...

24 October, 2007 15:14  
Blogger aquietgirl said...

I could stub his toe or something. Wait, his foot is screwed. Maybe a nipple.

24 October, 2007 18:00  
Blogger SensGirl said...

I would learn how to perform a Swedish massage...and then give him one...everyday.

p.s. Just discovered your blog, and let me say: instant love.

Go Sens.

24 October, 2007 18:05  

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