Wednesday, August 22, 2007
A Return
This has been a weird summer.

I went through a stretch after visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame where I didn't think about the Sens or hockey at all, and then I went through a stretch where I wore my Alfie t-shirt everyday and even changed my iPod's language to Swedish in his honour. (Nu spelas ... repetera? alla!)

It's been a scattered, hazy summer. Fresh off the high of the Stanley Cup Final, sleeping in and waking up when the sun goes down is a bit of a letdown. After the draft, hockey talk inevitably slows down to discussion of the minute details of uniforms, fantasy signings and trades and reminiscing.

That said, here are a couple of things that occured to me:

Why is it that whenever the Sens go far in the playoffs, somebody dies?

In 2003, Roger Neilson passed away shortly after the Sens lost game 7.

In 2007, Elgin-Alexander Fraser, a 3-year-old with terminal cancer, passed away after Alfie's series-winning goal. I'm sure that you've heard the story by now: Elgin was a huge Senators fan, and as he lay in his weakest moments, the Senators fought the Sabres valiantly. He closed his eyes for the last time, his last memories being of Alfie's overtime goal and his parents singing O Canada. He was adopted as the playoff run's unofficial hero/inspiration ... I had more than one Leafs fan tap me and tell me that they were cheering for the Senators because of Elgin-Alexander Fraser.

Things I've found on the Internet:

A drunk Meszaros.

Italian Spezza!

In his secret life, Schubert is probably an European gigolo.

Yes, holding a baby does make you more attractive.

Jason Spezza used to act in Minute Maid commercials. Now, maybe I'm wrong here, but there are more people who buy juice than there are people who buy hockey equipment and generic, boring clothing. So eat your heart out, Sidney Crosby.

And, in case you missed all those Sens Insider emails about a "new era," the Senators announced their new logos and jerseys.

A closer look reveals an updated logo with more gold trimming. The original, white jersey's 1-D logo of the centurion's profile has been retired and now he stares straight at you, with those beady eyes and flourishing cape.

The horizontal detailing has been removed, and now we have very smooth lines that let the logo float in a sea of clour while the arms are sort of chunks of colour. The Peace Tower patch on the shoulders has been replaced with a retro O.

The jersey really looks more like Team Canada's jersey concept, except the lack of detailing on the bottom makes it look like a practice jersey. They do look sleeker ... but sleeker is usually better on fat players, and ever since we got rid of Tyler Arnason, horizontal stripes haven't been a problem. I miss those those stripes.

Alas, I don't think we'll ever have a barberpole jersey. It's too bad ... we could've blinded our opponents to victory!


Anonymous Rachael said...

I really don't think the "sleeker" jerseys are going to be flattering to the fatter players (or fans for that matter, just think of all the nooks and crannies that will be showing **shudder**).
Spezza was a cutie, not surprising he was in commercials when he was younger.
Where did you get the Meszaros pic?

23 August, 2007 11:23  
Blogger aquietgirl said...

I forget. Probably Facebook? I get around a lot.

The thing I always liked about hockey uniforms is that it's impossible to look ... chunky in them, just large. They're not like basketball jerseys where you have overweight hardcore fans squeezing into them and not bothering to wear an undershirt.

23 August, 2007 19:39  
Blogger Sherry said...

I can't for the life of me tell what Schubert is holding in that picture.

And I too miss the horizontal lines, but I don't think the barberpoles are a clear-cut sign to victory if the Ottawa 67's are any indication.

23 August, 2007 20:56  
Blogger aquietgirl said...

Sherry: I thought it was a syringe at first, which is potentially disturbing, but it's curved. You know, he's European, it's probably some complicated European device for opening an orange. Or maybe a beer can.

And hey, stripes can only put you over the edge ... you can't ask them for too much.

23 August, 2007 21:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schubert is holding his cell phone, duh. ;)

23 August, 2007 21:38  
Blogger Sherry said...

"Opening an orange" is probably the best phrase I've ever heard. I'm definitely going to be using that next time.

24 August, 2007 12:55  
Blogger Jo said...

'Schubert is holding his cell phone, duh. ;)'

yeah, thats what i thought at first, but when you go back to it... nah, not really.

IS that meszaros? i cant tell :P

27 August, 2007 14:11  
Blogger aquietgirl said...

Oh yes, it is very much Meszaros. He was in some other pictures with Schubert in the Drunk Sens series.

28 August, 2007 20:59  
Blogger Jaredoflondon said...

how appropriate that Spezza's child photos have him mid-giggle

29 August, 2007 16:48  
Blogger aquietgirl said...

... He's giggling at you, Jared.

22 September, 2007 14:13  
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